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Liar liar

19 Sep 2011, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Marketing, Neuromarketing, Uncategorized

So you think you know what you like? Hm. Think twice. The real nightmare of a marketing department starts the moment when the campaign is ready to set off. Before the launch, experienced and not so brave marketing gurus turn to conventional methods of gathering…

Folie a deux: Induced psychosis as a marketing tool

16 Mar 2011, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Uncategorized

Since my 7 years old notebook decided not to cooperate with me anymore, using the meanest methods like turning off without saving the auto recovery file, I decided to terminate my loyalty to Fujitsu Siemens and try out Mr. Jobs’ Apple. I went to the…

Have you met Derren Brown?

14 Oct 2010, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Uncategorized

Few years ago, in some late hours up in the mountain, with few bottles of great wine and in the company of some extraordinary people that you have rare opportunity in life to meet, I found myself in a discussion about one interesting topic: mind…

Comfort – the last priority of our autopilot brains

22 Aug 2010, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Uncategorized

Drugstore, noon, wonderful neat and tidy atmosphere, lovely and recognizable smell of some mysterious aroma, quiet music and tons of women searching for cosmetic products that will make their hair prettier, their skin younger and tanned, their legs slimmer and breasts bigger. Me- searching for…