I was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1983. For you who have failed geo at school, that’s Europe. I have graduated from Faculty of Organization Science, Univiersity of Belgrade with my basic field of studies in marketing. My graduation thesis was “Semiotics in advertising” and that was the year when my love towards neuromarketing was born. However, that was the time when I liked something that had no name. I liked something, but I wasn’t sure what it was, it was hard to explain, hard to define, hard to find in science work. However, two years later, I was completely sure that I was in love with neuromarketing, but I couldn’t put it in my master thesis headline. Everyone was scare of it. The word was a taboo and still is. So, I put it in a cover “Neuroscience in marketing”. That is a nice way to cover the “problematic child” of marketing, the one that will finally find a way to measure what advertising gurus have been selling for years. This taboo will tell if people really like your soda ad or not. NM (neuromarketing) will tell you if your 100s million budget spent on TV advertising will be as effective as if you had burnt it down the fire or not. NM is the key to what others who put money in advertising will cherish the most, because they will finally get their answer “will it work” before they hit the launch button.

My love towards this field has been growing for years. I have even managed to meet some of my heroes. I have managed to overcome the ethics question and today I believe that neuromarketing is the future that has already started. I believe that in a few years time we will all be part of a mobile data harvesting process. I believe that in a few years time we will all have our personal assistants like Siri, who will be much smarter and more personal with us. But Siri to become personal, she will have to know much more what you really like. Not what you think you like. But what you really like.

Knowing that “what you like” and “what you think you like” sometimes can be a big difference is the foundation floor of the neuromarketing building. That is what thrills me the most and what keeps me up writing this blog.

I believe that neuromarketing is the future that has already started.

Something personal about me: I am 34 years old with 10 years of experience in marketing, living with a smart-ass ICT pro for a husband and dreaming of seeing the whole world. What I like most in life is travelling to new places and being able to breathe some new air and meeting some new realities. Science is what I believe in, so I’m not a religious person. However, being agnostic is what I will easily change if someone proves me wrong. I like reading books about world conspiracies and ancient alien theories. I am amazed with Egypt on so many levels and I am still wondering if we will ever go to any other country for summer vacation. Diving the Red Sea was the most amazing feeling of my life and overcoming my fear of breathing under water was my last personal achievement that I’m proud of.

**Update: giving birth to my son was the most amazing feeling of my life, even though I was knocked out doing it. Seeing him for the first time when anesthesia wore off was the feeling I am talking about. And then the red sea diving.

I can’t imagine my life without my family and friends with few of them I really miss lately since they moved away to the other sides of this amazing planet.