Did you know?

Human brain processes 400 terabits of information per second.

Only 200 kilobits are conscious.

What happens with the rest?


Neuromarketing is a modern approach to reaching towards consumers’ attitudes,opinions and emotions usually hidden or unreachable since they are formed within the subconscious.

Traditional tools for collecting consumers’ data (like polls, interviews, focus groups etc.) rely on the consumers verbalization of their attitudes and are subjective to various noises that can disturb the general conclusion. You actually rely on that people will not lie to you and that their opinion at the moment will be the same as when they come to the store and want to buy your product, counting on that people actually know what they like and what they’ll do. Well, the truth is they don’t. We don’t. We are heavy users of our autopilot brains which guide us through our life and help us survive the modern and complex world that we live in.

This page is dedicated to the new approach which investigates the hidden world behind our autopilot brains: the world of our subconscious.

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Born and bred in Belgrade, Serbia, a vicious marketing explorer and connoisseur who believes that neuromarketing is the future that has already started.

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