So WHAT do we buy and are we that stupid or are we just giving it a shot?

May 18, 2010 - 3 minutes read

Many marketing courses and books are in focus of purchasing habits: how, when and why do people buy certain products and not others.  Some would settle down for a “brand lovemark” answer: people buy certain brands because they have trust in them, they buy some of the lifestyle that the brand is selling, some promise a better life, better looks, better health, better social status. Others say that consumers have a certain pattern in their decision making process and that consumers will buy whatever promises them better life. True. We all buy to raise our Quality of Life. That is the only reason.

But how do we buy better life? How do we know for sure that some can of beans will be tasty enough, how do we know that certain cars are more reliable and durable than the other? How do we know that hair straightener emulsion will straighten our hair and that our hair won’t be fizzy, like the Mother Nature made us at the beginning? We don’t. We will never know, unless we try it. And you know what, that is a reason good enough to rise sells of your products. Make people try it. Initiate their needs, make a promise, show them what they want to see, show them persons what they would like to become and they will buy it. Not fair? I disagree.

How many times have you changed your hair shampoo in last 2 years? Was the first one that you had bought good enough? So, why did you buy the other one? And then you changed it again. I know, I did the same. I see a TV ad for some new shampoo with a girl whose hair was professionally treated: washed, conditioned, blow-dried, styled by the top hair dresser, treated with mass of styling products and now she looks perfect. I know that, but again, I buy that Garnier shampoo. Am I that stupid or I just want to try it out, cause either way, I have to buy SOME shampoo tomorrow.

Girls, how many times have you heard that some mascara ads included models with fake eye lashes? But again, you buy the very same mascara because you want to give it a shot. Yes, we know that Penelope Cruz has fake eye lashes on this ad, but we buy it anyways.

It is a cruel world out there and it’s cashing lots and lots of consumers’ money because the equation is very simple:

Promise + need for better life + nothing to lose since we have to buy that type of product anyway = mucho dinero