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Paid to mislead

17 Aug 2015, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Marketing, Product placement

Yesterday I watched a cooking TV show in which the host was trying really hard to make a pie dough with a food processor. It was crumbing. It was squeaking, it was trembling, I thought it would explode at the end. But noooo, he was…

The toys we buy

11 Mar 2013, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Marketing, Neuromarketing, Product placement

If you are by any coincidence born around 1983, we are the same age and we can try a little experiment: Remember the time when we were in the 3rd grade of elementary school. That puts us in year 1993. Try to remember the things…

Marketing ninjas’ little secret: 90 minutes ads

04 Jul 2010, Posted by Neuromarketing Adria in Marketing, Neuromarketing

Let’s do a quick quiz: –          What computer Carry Bradshaw uses to write her column? –          What shoes is she obsessed with? –          What car James Bond drives in Casino Royal? –          What car Mulder and Scully drive in X files? –          What store chain…